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Nepal Innovation Lab is designed to foster inclusive and innovative solutions for effective humanitarian action in Nepal.

Access conditions
Contact for more information
Lab's address
4th floor, Lalitpur Mall, ( In front of Patan Hospital )
Lagankhel, Patan
Workshop network

Hosting Capacity
50 people max

Nepal Innovation Lab

A social impact research and development platform

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  • Lab's size: 130m²
  • Opened in December 2015
  • Non profit organization

Nepal Innovation Lab in details

All you need to know about the workshop before getting there

A guided tour of Nepal Innovation Lab

Interview of Aradhana Gurung and immersion into the workshop

MakerTour's 5 topics

Understand in depth the mecanisms and practices of this workshop

The great practices of Nepal Innovation Lab

The good initiatives of this workshop which should inspire everyone

Tomorrow's challenges

The future development and projects of the workshop

Some great projects from Nepal Innovation Lab

Great inspiring projects made by the lab's users

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