The sharing civilisation labs

Take an old times workshop. Picture it as an open and shared place, gathering amators and experts from diverse backgrounds, equipped with both digital and non-digital tools and machines. All looking for a place to find the community, the tools, the skills to make, invent, repair and give life to their ideas and projects. These places are called fablabs, makerspaces or fabrication workshops.

Various missions, but common values

These labs do not always have the same purpose, pursuing a social, technologic, economic and/or environnemental mission. Some even choose to specialise on a specific topic (nautical activities, renewable energies, drones). But beyond these differences, all spread sharing, openness, collaboration, creativity, do-it-yourself, do-it-with-others, empowerment and technologies appropriation values.

MakerTour genesis, at the heart of the phenomenon

Since the first fabrication laboratory, born in 2001 within the M.I.T. walls in Boston, the fablabs and makerspaces spread has been tremendous. Many local interpreations came to life around the world, within cities, rural areas, universities, or even companies. All unique in their very own environment. And today, MakerTour is on a mission to explore, document, and share the great diversity of labs initiatives and uses.

Launching world documented explorations towards the labs diversity

MakerTour is a lighthouse in the fog of the labs movement. We launch world expeditions towards the initiatives and actors diversity and share all the content produced on this very website. Whether you are a passionated maker, a fablab, a collaborative workshop, a small or a big company, an school, a non-profit organisation, welcome aboard!

Our project

MakerTour explores, documents and share the world labs diversity.

In 2015, MakerTour cofounders, Mathieu Geiler et Etienne Moreau, launched our first great expedition: six months in France and Europe towards 50 fablabs and collaborative workshops. All labs explored are feature on our website through our map and cards.

Today, new explorers are contributing to MakerTour mission, taking us to unexplored areas. Marie Levrault and Lucas Graffan will recreate the experience in Asia starting in March 2017. Follow the adventure on our social networks and contact them!

Phase d'exploration
Phase d'exploration
MakerTour: How it works
Phase d'exploration
Phase d'exploration
Phase d'exploration
Be in immersion on the ground, meeting labs and communities Document the labs and communities mecanisms through 6 topics Share open source documentation and articles on
6 topics to study the labs
The why, how and who
behind the lab's creation
Who are the lab users,
their motivations and uses of the place?
Animation and coaching
The team behind the lab,
its pedagogy and everyday actions
The documentation of the users
and lab team projects
Business Model
The lab creation, its model
and evolutions intended
Great projects
made by the lab's users
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