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We’re a creative workspace for anyone to make (almost) anything, through digital fabrication and rapid prototyping. We help individuals and companies learn about the application of digital technologies, rapid hardware prototyping, 3D printing and sustainable design practices.

Access conditions
Membership access
Starts at 36£/month
Lab's address
Fab Lab London
1 Frederick’s Place
Off Old Jewry
EC2R 8AE, London (England)
Workshop network

Hosting Capacity
80 people maximum

Fab Lab London

Multidisciplinary team of makers

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  • Lab's size: 1125m²
  • Opened in September 2014
  • Social entreprise

Fab Lab London in details

All you need to know about the workshop before getting there

A guided tour of Fab Lab London

Interview of Ande Gregson and immersion into the workshop

MakerTour's 6 topics

Understand in depth the mecanisms and practices of this workshop

The great practices of Fab Lab London

The good initiatives of this workshop which should inspire everyone

Tomorrow's challenges

The future development and projects of the workshop

Some great projects from Fab Lab London

Great inspiring projects made by the lab's users

Wait, there's more to read!

A few links and ressources about the workshop

At last, MakerTour's team would like to thank Fab Lab London's team and community
for their warm welcome and the time they dedicated to the initiative!

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