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A space and a platform for worldwide makers to communicate and cooperate
SZOIL Shenzhen
Ideas, entrepreneurship, making, community
Robotics Garage Hong-Kong
Make, invent, prototype and explore
OneMaker Group Prototyping Lab Singapore
A place to work on maker projects that emphase sustainability
Community Lab de Sustainable Living Lab Singapore

L’Atelier Traditionnel Technologique Ouvert et Mutualisé vous accueille pour matérialiser vos idées. Forte de son réseau d’artisans, de techniciens et d’ingénieurs en to...
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Atelier traditionnel technologique ouvert et mutualisé

Village based voluntary organization with focus on work centric education, development of enterprise development and rural technology. ...
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Revolutionize the education system
Fablab Vigyan Ashram Pabal

Maker Village is a hardware incubator dedicated to IOT, wearables and robotics. Created by the Kerala Startup Mission, its purpose is to provide the best space, tools and mentoring...
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Hardware incubator dedicated to electronics
Maker Village Kochi

Fablab Kerala, created by Kerala Startup Mission is a place open to all. ...
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Fablab open for all in Kerala state
Fablab Kochi Paris

Project DEFY is helping communities create their own schools, using makerspaces, computers and Internet, and showing people how to teach themselves....
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Self-learning space
Project DEFY Kaggalipura

Maker's Asylum is a community makerspace to get your hands dirty and make your ideas happen. The place is open to all and encourages teh viersity of profiles and projects....
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A community makerspace open to all
Maker’s Asylum Mumbai

RiiDL fablab is an innovation centre and accelerator open to all, located in the Somaiya Campus in Mumbai, India....
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Fablab and startup incubator
RiiDL Mumbai
Makerspace, design, innovation and entrepreneurship platform
Curiosity Gym Mumbai