Conçu et développé à Buinho

Right now, we are looking for Fablab partners that can provide courses to Portuguese teachers from the Alentejo region (1 week training for approximately 8 teachers - financed by the Erasmus grants).

Indeed, our accreditation is meant for the period of 2022-2027, with the possibility of future renewal, we are currently in the process of formalizing the agreement with the Portuguese National Agency for Erasmus.

Possible areas of training:

-Arduino or Micro:bit based bots

-3D modelling for creative practices

-Sensing and biolab

Technologies utilisées

Impression 3D Découpe laser Fraisage numérique Electronique Laboratoire, biologie & chimie Arduino

Who we are

“Experiment, Explore and Discover to Protect”

EIRA is an Erasmus Consortium for the school sector. The consortium is led by Buinho fablab including seven school groups, from six different municipalities. The purpose of this consortium is to capacitate Portuguese schoolteachers in the fields of digital fabrication, robotics, coding, and STEAM practices.

With EIRA we intend to create a European Centre of Competence for Teacher Training in the village of Messejana focused on technological education of excellence, entrepreneurial in nature and relevant to local challenges.

We do not just focus on digital competencies, but rather use them to tackle environmental and social challenges the local schools face - in particular climate change and the need to reduce school abandonment. To us, teachers are agents of social change, having the duty to know how to inspire and promote the knowledge of new digital competences next to a strong support of values. As a creative actor, we strongly believe that fablabs and other makerspaces can have a strong impact guiding such change and support teachers and therefore our coming generations. By leading this consortium, we are dedicated to give priority to quality training in other fablabs and makerspaces, thus reinforcing the positioning of our spaces and organizations in the field of formal and curricular education in Europe.

What we offer

As coordinator Buinho fablab will manage an Erasmus grant for the next 5 years that covers all mobility expenses. We will also have full control over the choice of partners and courses. The conditions we are able to offer are the following:

  • A daily fee of 70€ per participant. For example, a course of 8 days and for 8 Portuguese participants will have a total cost of 4480€ that will be paid to the course provider.
  • We will pay 50% upfront to reserve the course and before buying the mobilities. The remaining 50% after the end of training and upon receiving the final invoice.
  • All costs with accommodation, food, and mobilities are supported by Buinho
  • The course provider will be responsible for the costs associated with the training, job shadowing, and cultural activities.
  • We require a certificate of attendance for each participant

What do we need

We would like to have:

  • A partner makerspace, biolab, hackerspace, or fablab that can provide a training course for a group of 8 teachers;
  • That partner needs to be an organization as we will need receipts for accounting purposes
  • Courses with a total duration of 7 to 9 days and in the fields described earlier
  • One day should be a cultural day, where your culture, community, or heritage can be shown in a tour and even experienced
  • Sharing of good practices with another local school

Let’s get in touch!

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