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Home.Work is a mobile toolbox that enables people to make a home a home, when they need it most.

Designed with the needs of people living in isolated refugee camps in Greece in mind, Home.Work transforms from a toolbox to a home workstation in a matter of minutes. The box includes all the tools needed to repair and build stuff, and create a garden, too.

Home.Work was built and piloted with the community in Katsikas Refugee Camp, which is a new but barren home to nearly 1,000 refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Congo and many other places.

Inspired by the Habibi.Works humanitarian fab lab, this simple idea helps re-engage talented and motivated makers who, because of circumstances beyond their control, are now refugees.

Technologies utilisées

Outils pour le bois

Creating our three-dimensional environment is a human need, which should be a right for every person.

“Being able to create something demonstrates a person’s ability to change and alter something, and to be self-determinatory. This contributes to integration and to a worthy active, productive life, in a context of continuous frustration and endless waiting.

Additionally, the access to tools makes an economic difference and addresses primary needs. People who are forced to live in refugee camps in Greece don’t want help. They want to be able and empowered to help themselves. Therefore, the users are included in the entire process. In Home.Work, it is the communities that benefit from the very beginning until the end. We enable people to help themselves and others around them.”

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