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Transform a garden into a smart one. It might make you think about other similar initiatives. But this ongoing one has a very particular taste: It is made by Adolfo, a 14 years old man! And what is very interesting is that he is more focus on the evolution of its project than on the challenges he is facing every day.


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What’s the project story?

The smart garden is the extension of a project I have done in the context of the digital fabrication course given in my school named Unidad educativa del milenio. This program is a special program to sensitize us to digital fabrication. It has been created by the FabLab Yachay and animated by the team. I have attended each Friday for 2 hours a course about mechanical for 10 months. During this year, I have worked on a connected house using Arduino and sensors. Really motivated by the technology, I came back to the Lab during the summer holidays to learn about digital design and resume a project of the Fablab: the smart garden. The idea is to add new functionalities by using new sensors.

How the workshop was useful to you?

Thanks to the lab, I can spend time on my hobby. All is there, great teachers, great machines, and a great place. I really enjoy coming to every day.

What’s the project’s greatest success so far?

Up to know, the greatest success is the integration of the humidity sensor. It was a big challenge because I had to learn how to dialogue with it and to understand how to connect it to the Arduino.

What’s your vision for the project & next steps?

The short-term step is to integrate light to be able to make growing plants whatever the weather. The long-term step is to bring all the accumulated knowledge to the real agricultural field which is all around the lab.

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