Vincihub - an helicopter simulator

Conçu et développé à XinCheJian hackerspace

Mobilité & transports Développement logiciel


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What’s the project’s story?

From January to May 2017, Kim, flying enthusiast, prototyped his own helicopter simulator in XinCheJian, with Jerry, software engineer. In June, the 1st class was launched in the hackerspace to teach people how to fly. Leyis joined the adventure as she was their 1st student.

Step by step, the project mushroomed. Within 2 months, with a workshop per week-end, you’ll be able to fly a real helicopter in Shanghai!

How do they interact with the workshop?

The whole helicopter simulator prototype was developed in the hackerspace, with the help of its community. Moreover, the workshops are organized in the space.

What’s next?

Today, the team organizes frequent lessons. Within 3 week-ends, you can learn to fly a helicopter!

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