Community-built Makerspace

Designed and developped in Mountain Makers

Technology - machines & tools Social initiatives Community Furniture & house Recycling & upcycling

Develop a feeling of belonging by building together our shared space

We believe that the renovation of a space will create a united community that will know how to use the makerspace as a whole and be resilient over time.

A long-term vision

It has the ultimate goal to launch and settle a makers community in middle France, to facilitate and provide an enabling environment for the current and next generation of makers.

  • EDUCATION and LONG LIFE LEARNING: To attract skills from diverse sectors that contribute to the empowerment both the youth and elders of local communities.
  • CULTURAL and SOCIAL INCLUSION: To attract international citizens to meet with local people, so they can inspire each other.
  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP and INNOVATION: To attract talents from all over the world to contribute to the development of the region.

Come and experience for yourself!


Social networks

Technologies used

Photo & video Printing, drawing & painting Metal working tools Drones

A community in the heart of the project

Mountain Makers is a makerspace still under construction. We started having two old farms and a garage, and we want this space to grow in parallel with its community.

We are developing a sense of belonging of the local community by including the community from the very beginning in the renovation of the place. We build roofs together, pour concrete, dig the ground, anything and everything needed to build a space. And we learn a lot from each other! Everybody is an expert in something else.

But we also want to be internationally connected. This is why every year we organise a participative week where we invite 10-20 international makers to come, make and learn together.

We foster among our member’s exchanges, mutual aid, solidarity, the pooling of resources, sharing the good practices, knowledge, experiences, and trans-disciplinary and trans-generational know-how in order to facilitate the transition from idea to reality for the members of the association.

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