Cooking textiles

Designed and developped in Protein Lab

Fashion & textile

It is a technique of creating textile shapes with heat using kitchen utensils and a mold built in a makerspace, consisting of a positive part and a negative part. This mold can be in wood or plastic. In the case of wood, the fabric is inserted into the mold and heated in an oven. In the second case, we use a saucepan.

Technologies used

3D printing Casting & moulding
  • What’s the project story?

We are 2 students in Fashion and we realized this project as part of our end of studies thesis. We wanted to contribute to the development of textile crafts with the support of new technologies. Making the creation of innovative materials accessible to everyone has been our focus of research at the Protein Lab, culminating with an exhibition in July 2018.

  • How the workshop was useful?

The lab has been valuable with both their technical expertise in textile innovation and their help to undertake a research project. The team is very complementary and they have guided us even beyond the realization of our thesis to encourage us to carry on even after our studies.

  • What’s the project’s greatest success so far?

Our first workshop opened to the public where we saw the pleasure of the participants in the creation of their material, for a bluffing result.

  • What’s your greatest failure(s)& lesson(s) so far?

We tested many different technologies and materials before finding the actual product.

  • What’s your vision for the project & next steps?

We applied to a fund to continue research and spread this knowledge. The answer is expected for December 2018.

  • How anyone interested can contribute to the project?

Help us in the sharing of this technique and in the organization of our workshops (loan of spaces, communication, …).

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