Ingo - a woodblock kit to teach ancestral art to children

Designed and developped in Fab Lab Saigon

Craftsmanship Education Design Art & culture

​Ingo is a fun and educational product that enables children to experience the 500-year-old art of woodblock prints, originating from a Vietnamese village named Dong Ho. Ingo works with village artisans to provide all materials and instructions necessary for children aged 6-10 to make beautiful prints in a classroom with their teachers or at home with their parents.

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Technologies used

Laser cutting CNC milling

What’s the project story?

Woodblock printing is a millenial art in Vietnam. In 1980, 150 families were still specialized in this type of painting. In 2017, there was only 2 left… Because she feared that this ancestral knowledge would disappear if no one acted, Mai decided to quit her job in Singapore and to teach children of Vietnam about it. She launched Ingo, a kit sold to schools to create woodblock printing workshops.

How does she interact with the workshop?

She uses the lab to design and test her kits, using the machines like laser cutter and CNC. She also benefitted from the community to test her creations and receive feedbacks.

What’s next?

Today Mai has sold 60 kits in Vietnam. Her team has grown to 3 people and she is ready to expand her Ingo kits across the country.

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