Interactive system of geographical exhibition

Designed and developped in Protein Lab

Technology - machines & tools Space

It is a 3D visualization system of maps.


Technologies used

3D printing Casting & moulding Electronics
  • What’s the project story?

I work as a cartographer at the IGM (Military Geographic Institute) of Santiago. This institute is located in front of the UTEM University with whom we used to collaborate on research and innovation projects. One of the missions of the IGM research and development unit in which I work is to foster technological development to improve the work of the military while benefiting to the general public in other types of applications. For example, for this project, the objective is to develop a precise visualization tool accessible to everyone to understand the level lines of a geographical map. Before, we used technical maps that could not be easily understood by the various military profiles who required the presence of experts, thus delaying decisions or even increasing the risk of errors in the decisions taken. We tested several systems like projecting lines in the sand without meeting satisfactory results. When one of our colleagues, who teach at the UTEM, discovered the Protein Lab’s projects, he quickly identified the potential of partnering with them to launch research into map visualization.

  • How the workshop was useful?

The team is very complementary, by their experience like that of Hector or Macarena, and their skills with engineers in electronic and computer science. In two months, they have already produced prototypes to validate the technology used to produce maps at large scales with a very precise level of detail.

  • What’s the project’s greatest success so far?

The greatest success is the quick validation of the technology, thanks to the iterations made with prototypes. It allowed everyone to understand the proposals made by the team and to validate with confidence the first stages of the project.

  • What’s your greatest failure(s)& lesson(s) so far?

For the moment none!

  • What’s your vision for the project & next steps?

We aim to present the project, thanks to the prototype, to a fund to obtain the necessary funding for the realization of a large-scale prototype with a real case study.

  • How anyone interested can contribute to the project?

The results of this research will be opened to everyone so we will be very happy to collaborate with everyone interested! The more we will be, better and faster will be the results. International collaboration would be the cherry on the cake.

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