Precious Plastic Shanghai

Designed and developped in XinCheJian hackerspace

Energy & environment Self-sufficiency Recycling & upcycling Design

We are a social enterprise highly committed to preserve the environment by creating awareness about plastic waste in China. Our goal is to encourage teams and individuals to take ownership of their waste and engage in the process!

Technologies used

Recycling 3D printing Casting & moulding

What’s the project’s story?

Adèle, professional designer, arrived in China for her master. Already sensitized by waste sorting, when she heard about the project “Precious Plastic”, she decided to launch Precious Plastic Shanghai, in XinCheJian in April 2016. She pitched her idea during a Wednesday Open Night in the hackerspace to ask for help. Up to 6 people joined the adventure as volunteers.

At the beginning as a hobby, Adèle was developing the project during week-ends. Step by step, Adèle became freelance and could then dedicate more time to Precious Plastic Shanghai. Now, only Adèle and Andrea lead the project. Indeed, with 7 people, the project couldn’t progress as quick as it could.

It took them 1 year to build their 3 machines. Their first one cost them up to 2000€. In parallel, they tried to get sponsors. That’s how they participated to the World Mobile Congress this summer. To promote S.T.E.A.M. education and sustainability, they were mandated to lead a 4-day kid workshop during which children could recycle plastic thanks to their machines.

How do they interact with the workshop?

Adèle and Andréa use the lab as their own office. They can ideate, design, prototype and produce in the space. Thanks to XinCheJian, they also grew their community, run workshops and get help from the maker etworky.

What’s next for Precious Plastic Shanghai?

In the following months, Adèle and Andréa have a few challenges. The main one deals with financial sustainability. The 2 women have different ideas such as the development of their business activities with corporates and the creation of workshops open to all in XinCheJian

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