The Origami Lampshade

Designed and developped in Fab Lab Wgtn

Furniture & house Design

Inspired from Robert J. Lang’s CamphorPot8, opus 679 origami pattern, this Lampshade was created in Dubaï by Wendy Neale, while working at Fab Lab UAE. It was then adapted in Wellington by Etienne Moreau (Fab Lab Wgtn) to help anyone custom their own Lampshades & run workshops!

The lamp’s story is a great illustration of what we can make & achieve in an open design world with shared digital fabrication spaces all around the world available to anyone!

Technologies used

Laser cutting Vector Drawing

Machines & tools used

Laser cutter ILS12.150D Universal

Machine & software used

To create our lamps, we only used:

  • a laser cutter (machine/process available in many Fab Labs - ours is a ILS12.150D Universal, powered with a 105W laser unit, with a bed-size of 1219.2x609.7mmm)
  • Adobe Illustrator vector drawing software (a good free & open source alternative is Inkscape!)

So far, we made great lampshades out of:

  • 0.6mm polypropylene (the white model) or 0.35mm colored craft paper (the dark blue model)
  • and 3mm acrylic (for the light socket fitting)

Workshop layout - create a “2-hour make your own lampshade”

  • License - Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
  • original design - Wendy Neale, based on an existing pattern by R. J. Lang
  • workshop creators - Wendy Neale & Etienne Moreau (Fab Lab Wgtn)
  • creation date - May 2018
  • workshop type - hands-on workshop, 2 hours
  • advised number of participants - 6
  • machine needed - laser cutter with at least a 500x500mm bed
  • software needed - vector drawing software like Inkscape or Illustrator
  • suggested materials - for each lamp, a 500x500mm piece of 0.6mm white polypropylene or 0.35mm colored paper + a 85x80mm piece of 3mm acrylic

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