Vertical hydroponic farming tower

Designed and developped in XinCheJian hackerspace

Agriculture Food Self-sufficiency Energy & environment


Technologies used

Aquaponics & hydroponics

What’s the project’s story?

Andy, spanish designer, arrived one month ago in XinCheJian in Shanghai to make his dream come true: launch his own start-up. His idea: to create a vertical hydroponic farming tower. He’s already developed his first working prototype.

How does he interact with the workshop?

“This lab changed my life”. According to Andy, XinCheJian is unique by its very competitive membership price (14€/month) and its amazing community.

Highly committed, the hackerspace’s members transmitted Andy the desire to launch his own business. The hackerspace provides him a workbench and machines at a very cheap price and the community gives him network and advice.

What’s next?

On the short-term, Andy wants to develop a finished prototype (in 3D) and pitch his project to « China Accelerator », located in the same facility as XinCheJian.

His main challenge: manufacturing. Even in China, he met many makers who failed once they had to launch the production.

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