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Health & well-being

Our vision is to strive for making the healthcare effective and affordable. We develop innovative and practical healthcare solutions in collaboration with our customers, to enable them deliver effective and affordable patient care!

This project of Yostra aims at building a diagnosic tool to prevent those diabetes degradations!

What’s the project story & context?

Today, 450 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide, 65 million in India. In some cases, diabetes leads to complications: the nerves start to degenerate and people lose their sensations. What starts by a damage of the nerve can lead to gangrene.

Only in India, more than 200,000 amputations occur every year and worldwide, every 30 seconds, one leg is lost because of diabetes.

1 year back, they were 4 friends to participate to a hackathon and started to build a diagnosic tool to prevent those diabetes degradations. Instead of 4 expensive and big devices, they would create one single accurate device integrating all their features:

  • hot and cold perception
  • vibration perception test
  • tactile perception test
  • skin temperature test

7 team members are currently working on the prototype and got a seed investment to develop it.

How do they interact with the workshop?

Started in a garage, Yostra moved in IKP Eden 8 months ago to benefit from its facilities: electronic lab, workshop and prototyping space.

IKP allows them to prototype faster: the full initial prototype was create in the makerspace. Mentorship, network, investors introductions, certifications and grants for R&D…all these advantages are provided by IKP.

On top, they benefit from conference rooms to look more professional towards their investors or clients.

IKP Eden’s community is an opportunity for Yostra: by cross-collaborating, they received help from other start-ups in terms of procurement, network or price negotiation with suppliers.

What’s next?

Their prototype has been validated. Their next step is to get the clinical validation. Then, they’ll be able to launch the production within the 6 following months.

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