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Fab Lab Workbench Projects

Nurturing the maker-entrepreneurship spirit towards responsible innovation

Bangalore, India
Fab Lab Coworking space

Fab Lab Vigyan Ashram

Revolutionize the education system

Pabal, India
Fab Lab Community center

Maker's Asylum

A community makerspace open to all

Mumbai, India
Makerspace Fab Lab Mobile workshop

Curiosity Gym

Makerspace, design, innovation and entrepreneurship platform

Mumbai, India
Makerspace Design & Innovation center


Fab Lab and startup incubator

Mumbai, India
Fab Lab Incubator Coworking space

Fab Lab CEPT

Build almost anything

Ahmedabad, India
Fab Lab School workshop Coworking space


Discover the creative you

New Delhi, India

Nuts & Boltz Makerspace

Discover the creative you

New Delhi, India

Nepal Communitere

Vibrant community space to foster creativity and innovation

Kathmandu, Nepal
Makerspace Humanitarian lab Coworking space

Nepal Innovation Lab

A social impact research and development platform

Patan, Nepal
Humanitarian lab

Karkhana Makerspace

Designing learning experiences

Kathmandu, Nepal

Fab Lab Tehran

Fab Lab dedicated to education and innovation

Tehran, Iran
Fab Lab

Draft Ateliers

Atelier de fabrication et d'innovation pour créateurs entreprenants

Paris, France
Makerspace Coworking space

TechShop - Ateliers Leroy Merlin (Ivry)

Atelier collectif de fabrication ouvert à tous

Ivry-sur-Seine, France
Makerspace Workshops network

Green FabLab

Fab Lab connecting nature & technology

Barcelona, Spain
Fab Lab Green Fab Lab

Fab Lab Barcelona

Fab Lab looking to change economy & society

Barcelona, Spain
Fab Lab School workshop Makerspace

MIT - Fab Lab Norway

Community center & sandbox

Lyngen, Norway
Fab Lab Community center

Fab Lab Torino

Fab Lab, makerspace and hackerspace

Torino, Italy
Fab Lab Makerspace Hackerspace

Fab Lab London

Multidisciplinary team of makers

London, United Kingdom
Fab Lab

Fab Lab Amsterdam

Makerspace for social innovation & craftsmanship

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Fab Lab Makerspace

Fab Lab Berlin

Berlin open digital fabrication studio

Berlin, Germany
Fab Lab Coworking space Design & Innovation center

Creative Lab

Corporate lab et garage

Guyancourt, France
Company workshop

La Machinerie

Tiers-lieu de développement local participatif

Amiens, France
Fab Lab Third-place Coworking space

Usine IO

Plateforme de prototypage et d'industrialisation

Paris, France
Industrialisation center Makerspace


Fabrique de quartier et coworking

Paris, France
Fab Lab Makerspace Coworking space

Fab Lab du Carrefour Numérique²

Espace de fabrication ouvert(e) et partagé(e)

Paris, France
Fab Lab


Fab Lab ouvert, gratuit et contributif

Gennevilliers, France
Fab Lab School workshop

ICI Montreuil

Makerspace solidaire & collaboratif

Montreuil, France

Lab A.I.S.

Lab orienté conception de services

Montereau, France
Company workshop


Hackerspace - laboratoire d’initiative populaire

Nanterre, France