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STEAM Week, held twice a year, which we manage since 2018, is focused on teachers and how to show, demonstrate, and practice new ways of teaching children’s in schools.

During such events, with our resources and funding, we are able to bring up to 150 teachers. Also we always want to bring international speakers and demonstrators - they can show different approaches and curricula to teaching, overall exchanging good practices, very often thinking out of a box.

So, how to make things better, how to offer something new?

We invite our friends, from all around the world, from projects we are involved in, people who are in education and who are working with new tools or methods, to join us in either in-person or this new virtual editions of STEAM Week.

We want them to present virtually their findings, experiences, and to motivate and inspire our teachers how to make kids more motivated, more creative, and overall more engaged in learning process.

For the last edition, STEAM week 2020 we had speakers from USA, China, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Austria, Slovenia to motivate and inspire our teachers.

All lectures from STEAM week 2020 you can find following the LINK.

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