Braso Robotico

Designed and developped in FabLab UTEC

Technology - machines & tools Robotics

Are you fan of robots or simply surprised we can build one in a FabLab? Then this project description fit you. Diego, a 8th semester student of the UTEC university, is working on a 5 axes robot after having experimented the building of on a wheeling chair. The purpose of its new robot is to upgrade it.

Technologies used

Computing & softwares Electronics Robotics Metal working tools

What’s the project story?

Everything started when I was a child watching futurist movies. As an inception effect, years later I had the dream to create my own robot. But the gap between my dream and my competencies was large. I realized I can do it with my own mean when I entered in contact with Arduino and the opportunities given by adding sensors and LEDs in the context of the « Art & Technology » course during the 3rd semester in UTEC. Even if the stuff to learn was unlimited, the final product and what I could do with it was my fuel.

My first contact with the lab was thanks to Luis Pena, a teacher of mechanical engineering who gave me good advice for this project but also the Fabmanager of the Fablab at that moment.

I started the project with an alternative approach. Basically, after drawing an idea of the robot, I first bought the components before designing it. I knew my constraints would be the budget and thus the components. Then, I synchronized the various systems and looked for the useful function for the industrial application.

How the workshop was useful to you?

In the lab, I find a calm ambient, a place where I can store my projects. The access is free. And the proximity with the machine is easier to develop the robot. And also, I like the global atmosphere with the other makers.

What’s the project’s greatest success so far?

My dream allows me to help others. Reaching the required level of knowledge to achieve my robot was my fuel. Now, with this intellectual background, I feel confident to support others in their projects.

What’s your greatest failure & lesson so far?

The biggest challenge was to find the right equilibrium between courses and projects. Finally, I reached a 40% on theory and 60% on projects.

What’s your vision for the project & next steps?

My goal is to make a very useful robot for industrial purposes. The first step will be to test industrial functions like melting function.

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