EyeROV - an underwater robot

Designed and developped in Maker Village

Water & oceans Robotics

EyeROV is a underwater drone which can be easily controlled using a laptop/joystick and go up to a depth of 50m! A camera fitted on to the underwater drone gives live video feed of the underwater environment, to perform visual inspections/surveys of submerged structures!

Technologies used


What’s the project story?

Today, underwater inspection is usually done manually with divers. According to EyeROV’s co-founders, this technique is unsafe for divers, expensive as 4 to 5 people have to work together on one underwater inspection and hardly efficient.

That’s how EyeROV was born in 2016: an underwater drone to perform visual inspection/ survey of submerged structures up to 50 meter-deep. The innovation is cost-effective as only 1 or 2 people are required to monitor the underwater drone equipped with a camera thanks to a laptop/joystick.

The 4-person team has already tested its 1st working prototype at Maker’s Village.

How do they interact with the workshop?

First the team integrated Maker’s Village’s pre-incubation program to develop its first proof of concept. Then in March 2017, they entered the incubation program to benefit from the space’s electronic modules, guidance, potential customer network and funding.

What’s next?

EyeROV team is currently working on building the next version of the prototype integrating new camera and lighting solutions. To commercialize their 1st product, they target customers from Kochi primarily.

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