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Designed and developped in Lima Makers

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On the occasion of the World Bank governors international summit in Lima in 2015, reputed gourmet chefs and designers collaborated to offer an innovative dinner with a unique and tailor-made presentation.


Technologies used

3D printing Laser cutting Casting & moulding Computing & softwares Printing, drawing & painting Wood working tools Traditional tools
  • What’s the project story?

Toshiba and Ricardo, 2 founders of Lima makers, met Jose Carlos Lopez, a coordinator of the World Bank Summit during an event dedicated to the design. Jose Carlos was desperately looking for designers who could bring the renowned Peruvian food to another level. He was looking for a way to sublimate the excellent food prepared by high-level gourmet chefs for the occasion with a constraint of time. This challenge suited perfectly to Toshiba and Ricardo who had both competencies in design, a reliable red of designers to support them and above all skills in digital fabrication to fit the constraint of time.

  • How the workshop was useful?

The community of the makerspace was crucial to identify the right designer able to understand the chefs’ ideas and to produce quickly the design. The tools and skills of the team were also key to make the designs into reality in an extremely short period of time.

  • What’s the project’s greatest success so far?

We were surprised by the confidence of the chefs. We just had 3 weeks to make it real (one week to identify the idea, one week for the design and one week to produce the support) and they easily trust us. With the success of this edition, we were contacted to repeat the experience for the Bocuse d’Or.

  • What’s your greatest failure(s)& lesson(s) so far?

Thanks to the good casting we made, by selecting the right designer who can match with each chef, we didn’t experiment with major failures. We just had a small delay with a ceramic plate which was replaced by a painted wooden one for the photos. Fortunately, it was ready for the event :-)

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