Nyokas - a self-defence garnment for women safety

Designed and developped in Maker Village

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What’s the project story?

Unfortunately, India’s famous for its women harassment problems. To prevent this, Rohit and Vivek created an e-textile and IOT garnment in order to keep Indian women safe in the streets.

Thanks to this tunic, the harasser can be shocked and the woman is tracked. Once the electronic shock has been triggered, a notification is automatically sent to the woman’s relatives.

How do they interact with the workshop?

Rohit and Vivek entered Maker’s Village’s pre-incubation program last June 2016 thanks to which they could develop their Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Then, they got selected to access the incubation program last September. The space provides them technical support, raw materials and business mentorship.

What’s next?

In July, Nyokas will enter its fundraising phase followed by its first pilot in Bangalore or Delhi in September.

Rohit and Vivek plan to make their marketable product by the end of December 2017.

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