Designed and developped in Lilo Zone

Technology - machines & tools Education Electronics

It is a Maker kit which teaches you the basics of electronics to make a stylish lamp. No need to attend a workshop: you can buy it online and follow the instructions.

Technologies used

3D printing Laser cutting Computing & softwares Welding Arduino

- What’s the project story?

Once I got my master in Business administration, I was lost. None of the jobs offers made sense to me so I signed for 5 months of “special” training with Skep. The plan was to meet inspiring people, to participate in events, to live experiences in order to identify a clear professional objective. One of the first events I attended was the Campus Party in Sao Paulo. It opened to me a new world where the word “Arduino” was mysterious and where electronics appears to be magic. And yet, after meeting makers, discovering makerspaces, learning Arduino and electronics, I figured out what I wanted to do: giving people access to this incredible world through Maker kits. I wanted to share all the pleasure I have by making things useful and learning how to do it. Indeed, the offers of learning kit were scarce so I saw the opportunity to develop a business in this niche. And to start, I decided to design this kit for people to build a stylish lamp.

- How the workshop was useful?

I went to Lino Zone to meet Mauricio Jabur who I discovered with his business, maumaker. He helped me to solve some issues and taught me very useful tips in electronics. Later, he offers me the possibility to stay in the makerspace of Lilo Zone to carry on my project. I used to go to other makerspace in town but I often come in this one because of its atmosphere. The place is full of talented people always ready to help you. In 5min, Lina Lopes passed by the saloon, saw me, asked me about my projects and gave me advice about the cover.

- What’s the project’s greatest success so far?

I am very proud of the path taken. I succeeded to learn electronics in less than a year and to find an exciting future with a passion at the heart of a business.

- What’s your greatest failure(s)& lesson(s) so far?

I made an MVP test and asked 30 people to test it. The feedback I got was rich but it also showed me all the improvements to make. My first kit had a lot of wires with a rough design, it was not a pleasant experience for the users. I tried to do everything by my self but I realized I needed to be supported by experts so I improved the design with the designers of DZN.

- What’s your vision for the project & next steps?

I need to finalize the kit and to wrap it into a sustainable business model with a relevant marketing strategy. I already have a name for the company, Protto, and ideas for the next kit.

- How anyone interested can contribute to the project?

Everyone is welcome onboard this project! I am looking for partners and beta testers.

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