VAQSO - bring scent to virtual reality

Designed and developped in DMM.Make AKIBA


VASQO VR is a device that adds to the VR experience. By syncing up VR scenes or action, it is possible to smell in virtual reality. By adding scent to VR, we add reality to the user experience. You can place up to 5 different scent cartridges that are easy to place and remove. All scents last roughly one month. The band of the device uses an adjustable velcro strap which allows it to be compatible with any HMD.

(Release date: 2018)

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Technologies used

VR & video games Computing & softwares

What’s the project’s story?

VAQSO VR is a scent enabling device that attaches to the bottom of any Virtual Reality Headset and further immerses users in VR contents by emitting realistic smells synced to their virtual environment.

Developed for one year at DMM.Make, VAQSO aims to be used in many domains from sensitive experience to professionnal trainings.

How do they interact with the workshop?

The space is used as a normal office by the startup. They used the makerspace to iterate their prototypes, but also to produce any material needed for specific events like point of sales or demonstration.

What’s next?

The team has already raised funds and is now looking to integrate a software developer in their team (they are currently 3). The release of their new device should be done over 2018.

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