Heartland Farmers

Designed and developped in Community Lab by Sustainable Living Lab

Agriculture Food Self-sufficiency


Social networks

Technologies used

Aquaponics & hydroponics

What’s the project’s story?

Land is scarce in Singapore with new buildings and cities rising all around the country. The challenge of the Singaporean government is to evolve from traditional farming to urban farming. Daniel and Kenneth want to be part of that movement.

Initiated 1 year ago by Daniel, Kenneth joined the adventure a few months after. In January 2017, they integrated the Sustainable Living Lab to develop a prototype of hydroponic urban farm on its very own rooftop. A team of 7 volunteers joined to set up within 6 months this 15-meter long urban hydroponic farm.

Concretely, they pump water from a main tank through a series of 80 buckets, each having their own plant, and they regulate the water flow to each plant via sprinklers. All this water is recycled back into the system through another set of pumps. This whole system is regulated thanks to automatic timer switches.

All the team needs to do is to come once a week to check for leaks, on the health of the plants and do a bit a maintainance on the equipment.

How do they interact with the workshop?

At the beginning of the year, Daniel and Kenneth pitched their idea to the Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) which was very well received.

Veera from SL2 dedicated a “Tech Saturday” volunteering session to develop Heartland Farmers. The community lab forked out the initial money for the material and the equipment, provided the rooftop but also a full access to the tools and the workbenches.

What’s next?

The urban farm community is currently running experiments on which vegetables grows best in their set up. The objective is to develop a more specialized line with the same set up, to grow the particular plant that grows best in Singapore.

In a close future, Heartland Farmers could provide food to the school’s very own canteen, some of the establishments in the surrounding area and even develop other urban farms all over Singapore.

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