Javonte - a DIY aquaponic system

Designed and developped in OneMaker Group Prototyping Lab

Agriculture Food Energy & environment Self-sufficiency

This is my aquaponics journey! Since young, I have always had a sense of curiosity about plants and different planting methods. My curiosity and drive to achieve my own method of plant cultivation lead to the creation of my very own automated watering system!

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Technologies used

Laser cutting 3D printing Electronics CNC milling

What’s the project story?

In Singapore, lands are very expensive. According to Nelson, everybody should deserve to have some space to grow one’s own plants.

That’s why he started 5 years ago to grow plants indoors via a hydroponic system. He realized then this system wasn’t the best environment-friendly solution. After every cycle (1 to 2 months), you need to change the water of the system as it’s too salty and consequently bad for the plants.

He began then to develop aquaponic prototypes: fishes provide nutrients to the plants and plants feed fishes.

His last aquaponic system integrated solar power to avoid electricity waste and key tracking metrics to follow the level of PH for example.

How does he interact with the workshop?

Nelson developed most of his prototypes in OMG prototyping lab as it provided him space and all the required tools (laser cutter, 3D printer, CNC, …).

What’s next?

Last year, he sold 36 aquaponic systems, 130€ each, but after a while he realized the whole production process was very long: 2 days of production and 70€ of cost.

For now, he’s going to keep on creating new aquaponic systems to fulfill his passion but won’t make a business of it.

Nelson wants to create a more intelligent aquaponic system: the lamp would move according to the height of the plant and an IOT device would assess the level of PH and adjust it according to the plants’ needs.

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