Kartikey's paper recycling machine

Designed and developped in Community Lab by Sustainable Living Lab

Recycling & upcycling Energy & environment

We all have used paper, old paper, news paper, e.t.c at home, that we normally decide to throw away. However, this machine aims to change all that.

While still in the early stages of the prototyping phase, it is currently fully operational, and can recycle paper into sheets within 7 minutes, producing paper, comparable to hand-made paper quality. This was developed as part of a project for school. This is an innovative try, with no other machine being able to achieve the same in a form factor as small as this.

What’s the project’s story?

Kartikey is 14 years old, and already a talented maker. For his school project, he took the challenge to develop a paper-recycling machine. The idea came to him when he saw the enormous amount of paper used and thrown out in his school. Today, recycling paper is labour-intensive labor and takes a lot of time and resources. So he decided to find out a way to recycle paper on-site.

How does he interact with the workshop?

Kartikey can use the space freely and do the Intel catalyst program in return. He can use all lab equipment, but according to him the biggest help comes from the community itself, to whom he can ask any question. 6 people are currently helping him on his project.

What’s next?

He will finalize his product in the next 3 months, and is willing to launch a crowdfunding campaign. His end goal is to tide the recycling and printing process together.

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