Running the BioAcademy program in a Fab Lab

Designed and developped in SZOIL

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Bio Academy is a Synthetic Biology Program directed by George Church, professor of Genetics at Harvard medical school. The Bio Academy is a part of the growing Academy of (almost) Anything, or the Academany. And SZOIL is one of the first Fab Labs in the world to run this amazing program!

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Technologies used

Laboratory, biology & chemistry

What’s the project story?

SZOIL is part of the Fab Lab world network, and delivers the BioAcademy since 2017. It consists in a 6-month course to learn the basics of biology.

How does the workshop runs such a program?

It requires at least 30 hours per week of implication for the student. He has access to the lab and gets online content and courses. Ciel is the teacher and mentor of the students. They come in the lab to work on several projects and use the machines to build them. Recently they made a centrifuge.

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