MakePi - a DIY tablet for children based on Raspberry Pi

Designed and developped in Troublemaker Shenzhen


The MakePad story began with one simple mission— “To make the learning of code possible for everyone.” They are also proponents of the ‘maker culture’— a movement which encourages a DIY approach to designing, building, creating and learning.

What’s the project’s story?

We met at Troublemaker Cesar, a 27 year-old Brazilian entrepreneur, who co-created 2 years ago “Happy Code”, programming classes for kids. This successful start-up will be in France and Spain in 2018!

While teaching computer science to children, he noticed that some kids and even some teachers meet some barriers to use raspberry pi. That’s how he came up beginning of 2017 with the idea of “MakePi”: a DIY tablet for children based on raspberry pi.

Thanks to that tablet, children from 6-8 years old will be able to learn how to code playfully.

Cesar moved in a co-working space in San Francisco in May 2017 and arrived 3 months later in Shenzhen to improve its tablet prototype and launch the 1st batch of production.

How does he interact with Troublemaker?

Just arrived in Troublemaker for one month, Cesar picked Troublemaker to access a fixed desk, use the prototyping machines and get connected with engineers and designers that can accelerate his prototyping development.

What’s next?

Once he’ll have produced his 1st batch in Shenzhen, Cesar plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign in November in the US to get funds and test the market.

He’ll manufacture his tablets in Shenzhen and scale in San Francisco!

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