Ultra portable electric kick scooter

Designed and developped in Robotics Garage

Mobility & transports Electronics


What’s the project’s story?

Boris is an aerospace engineer who wants to transform the way we circulate in our cities. He is using himself an electric kick scooter for 4 years, but found it very inconvenient to carry in offices, buses, trains, due to its height and weight.

So with one friend, they decided to start working on an ultra portable kick scooter, which will be easy to carry in a bag or to hide under his desk at work. It will even be used as a luggage itself.

The idea behind it is to provide a light and simple scooter that anyone will be able to use downtown, allowing a gain of space and an environmental benefit for the city.

How do they interact with the workshop?

The Robotics Garage is used to prototype their new scooter. They come here almost everyday so it is also like their office.

What’s next?

Their final prototype should be ready by end of 2017, and will be presented to integrate the incubation program of the Science Center.

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