SHE - a dancing & singing robot

Designed and developped in x.factory

Robotics Art & culture


What’s the project’s story?

Yoson is the perfect example of a maker who found a team thanks to the community. This young structural engineer was dreaming since his studies to create his own robot. But in his university, no space was allowing the access the machines an materials.

He arrived in Shenzhen for his first job, and found Xfactory makerspaces via Wechat groups. He joined every evening after work, and found another maker who was willing to work on a dancing robot with him.

How do they interact with the workshop?

They use the lab to access the machines and benefit from the community to help them.

What’s next?

A few months later, their prototype was ready and they are currently in discussion with a company willing to buy their product to sell it!

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