Our explorers team already launched 3 expeditions in Europe, Asia and South America to explore new workshops & share them with you! 100% independent, we only share the places we've explore ourselves, putting quality over quantity, and writing what we feel is right. Start browsing and enjoy the tour!

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Shaping your ideas with your hands!

Tokyo, Japan
Makerspace Coworking space

Kyoto Makers Garage (by Makers Boot Camp)

Don't buy things, make them!

Kyoto, Japan

Fab Lab Seoul

Think it. Make it. Share it.

Seoul, South Korea
Fab Lab Mobile workshop Coworking space

Eolane Suzhou IoT City

Bringing IOT entrepreneurs to the market

Suzhou, China
Incubator Industrialisation center

XinCheJian hackerspace

Hackerspace in Shanghai

Shanghai, China
Hackerspace Community center


Open factory among factories

Shenzhen, China
Makerspace Coworking space Industrialisation center

Troublemaker Shenzhen

Making your maker-dreams come true

Shenzhen, China
Makerspace Industrialisation center Coworking space


A space and a platform for worldwide makers to communicate and cooperate

Shenzhen, China
Makerspace Industrialisation center Fab Lab

Robotics Garage

Ideas, entrepreneurship, making, community

Hong-Kong, Hong Kong
Makerspace Coworking space Community center

FabCafe Taipei

What do you fab?

Taipei, Taiwan

Fab Lab Taipei

Community, fun, no rules, making, dream

Taipei, Taiwan
Fab Lab

XPC by Home-Fix

Learn, make, design

Singapore, Singapore
Makerspace Coworking space

Community Lab by Sustainable Living Lab

A place to work on maker projects that emphase sustainability

Singapore, Singapore
Makerspace Humanitarian lab

OneMaker Group Prototyping Lab

Make, invent, prototype and explore

Singapore, Singapore
Makerspace Workshops network

Fab Lab Hanoi

Digital innovation hub

Hanoi, Vietnam
Fab Lab Coworking space

Fab Lab Saigon

The first Fab Lab to open in Vietnam

Saigon, Vietnam
Fab Lab Mobile workshop Fabcafé


Atelier traditionnel technologique ouvert et mutualisé

Lyon, France

Fab Lab Kochi

Fab Lab open for all in Kerala state

Paris, India
Fab Lab Coworking space

Maker Village

Hardware incubator dedicated to electronics

Kochi, India
Incubator Makerspace Coworking space


A startup incubator with a makerspace

Bangalore, India
Makerspace Incubator Coworking space

Project DEFY

Self-learning space

Kaggalipura, India
Fab Lab Community center

Fab Lab Workbench Projects

Nurturing the maker-entrepreneurship spirit towards responsible innovation

Bangalore, India
Fab Lab Coworking space

Fab Lab Vigyan Ashram

Revolutionize the education system

Pabal, India
Fab Lab Community center

Maker's Asylum

A community makerspace open to all

Mumbai, India
Makerspace Fab Lab Mobile workshop

Curiosity Gym

Makerspace, design, innovation and entrepreneurship platform

Mumbai, India
Makerspace Design & Innovation center


Fab Lab and startup incubator

Mumbai, India
Fab Lab Incubator Coworking space

Fab Lab CEPT

Build almost anything

Ahmedabad, India
Fab Lab School workshop Coworking space


Discover the creative you

New Delhi, India

Nuts & Boltz Makerspace

Discover the creative you

New Delhi, India

Nepal Communitere

Vibrant community space to foster creativity and innovation

Kathmandu, Nepal
Makerspace Humanitarian lab Coworking space