Artificial Arm

Conçu et développé à Fab INACAP

Technologie - machines & outils Robotique Santé & bien-être Electronique Handicap

It is an iterative project which purpose is to help a child with its arm’s mobility

Technologies utilisées

Impression 3D Découpe laser Electronique

What’s the project story?

Mid 2017, the father of a child who has lost the mobility of one of its arms asked the INACAP university to work on an artificial one. Since then, each year, in the context of their last semester, a group of students from various & complementaries careers works on it to improve it by introducing new materials, electronic technologies and using new prototyping tools thanks to the Fablab INACAP.

To properly achieve it, the students are supported by an advisory board comprised of professional designers, teachers of various universities (INACAP, Autonoma,…), the head of their career, the director of the therapeutic career and the girl’s father. A weekly meeting is organized. And, obviously, the artificial arm is created in close collaboration with the girl.

How the workshop was useful to you?

The lab brought to the student team tools and know how to prototype the arm.

What’s your vision for the project & next steps?

The objective is to continuously improve the arm meeting the challenge of the knowledge transmission from one group to another.

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