Hazang - handcrafted bamboo speakers made in Vietnam

Designed and developped in Fab Lab Hanoi

Music & sound devices Design Craftsmanship

To create speakers with an incomparable rendering, Hazang combined Vietnamese crafts, natural materials and high quality components.

Each speaker is hand-made and requires several weeks to be created. The manufacturing process requires very few tools, only a watchful eye and a deft hand of craftsmen with centenarian know-how.

Hazang gives you the opportunity to discover the art of Vietnamese craftsmen, while appreciating music as it should be, lively and unique.

What’s the project story?

Today, most of the electronic goods on the market are made out of plastic and are difficult to recycle.

Hazang, start-up created in January 2016, produces design bluetooth bamboo speakers. As the brand wants to be eco-responsible, the bamboo shells are made by Vietnamese craftmen who set their own prices.

Thanks to their kickstarted campaign in July 2016, they got 12 000$ to launch their first production of 100 speakers in Vietnam.

How do they interact with the workshop?

Fablab Hanoi provided Bruno and Arnaud the co-working space, contacts to find an assembly line in Vietnam and an electronic expert to coach and mentor them regarding the electronic evolutions of their bamboo speakers.

What’s next?

Today, most of Hazang customers are individuals in Europe. In the future, the two Frenchmen aim to target hotels and resorts in Europe and Vietnam. In parallel, they are currently working on their brand image to be recognized as sound experts on the market.

Moreover, as the competition is fierce, they are looking for cheaper components and would like to broaden their product range with cheaper and design items.

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