Helping Hand

Designed and developped in Fab Lab Hanoi

Health & well-being Handicap Design

Helping Hand is a project that Fab Lab Hanoi would love to join with the E-nable community to give the world a “Helping Hand“.

It is a non-profit project targeting to all people without hands in Vietnam!

What’s the project story?

The story about this project was initiated nearly one week before the launching day of Fab Lab Hanoi. A young guy named Le Dinh Viet from Danang did come and visit Fab Lab Hanoi. He shared his desire to do something for his beloved people without hands at his home-town Quang Tri. He did not know that Phuong Ada, co-founder of Fablab Hanoi, also had a desire of doing something for Disabilities people.

In Vietnam, many people lost their hand during war or accidents or were born without one. That’s why Fab Lab Hanoi joined the e-NABLE in May 2016. This community uses a cheap 3D printing technology to give people a “helping hand”.

How do they interact with the workshop?

Thanks to this project, the amputees can come from everywhere: they just have to give their measures, the Fab Lab then downloads the hand design, modifies it, prints it, assembles it and send it to the person in need!

What’s next?

Despite the simplicity of the process, it remains some flaws:

  • lack of information about people living without hands in Vietnam,
  • lack of materials and devices,
  • and lack of budget to run the project on a wider scale.

Fab Lab Hanoi wants to focus on prosthetics for children as they don’t really care about the esthetics and like colourful things but also on people who lost both hands.

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